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Welcome to our Society

We are an active group of gardening enthusiasts based in Burwash, attracting members from the village and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to inform, entertain and interest our members in plant and garden related subjects in a sociable, informal and friendly group setting.

The Society is a great place for sharing knowledge, experience and friendship. If you enjoy growing fruit, vegetables or flowers, flower arranging, cookery, arts and crafts or indeed anything garden related, why not join us?

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Next events


"A Gardener Abroad - The Alhambra" 

By Caroline Halfpenny

Thursday 4th April 2024

2.00pm for 2.30pm

Burwash Village Hall

Plant Sale

Saturday 11th May 2024

10am to 1pm

Mount House, High Street, Burwash

Rose and Sweet Pea Show

Saturday 15th June 2024

Swan Meadow Pavilion, Ham Lane.

Go to the show pages for more details.

Our show schedule for 2024 is available here.

Summer Show 2023

Results and photos here.


Rose & Sweet Pea Show 2023

Results and photos here.

Spring Show 2023

Results and photos here


April talk 2023

Our first talk for the year was by Emma Davies. It was very interesting to hear about her training and career and an insight into her work at Great Dixter, Northiam, East Sussex.

Please click here to read more.

Plant Sale

Saturday 13th May

Many thanks to all who supported our plant sale.

View photos here.

Results and photos of 2021 and 2022 shows

Go to the show pages

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Cost of membership is £3.00 per calendar year which runs from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024. A new membership form is available here.

The Gardener's Year
Some monthly gardening tips



Green alternatives for floral foam

  • Floral foam is made from synthetic, non-recyclable plastic and is created using a combination of carbon black, formaldehyde and phenolic foam, which are all toxic. and can't be recycled or disposed of safely.

  • Its use is banned in RHS flower shows.

  • Pebbles, sand, gravel, clay, and marbles, are suitable alternatives.

  • Use compact moss or even fruit to support floral arrangements.

  • Use a kenzan or flower frog – metal devices that sit in a vase or bowl and secure stems with metal needles or guide them into holes – vintage ones are available.

  • Scrunched up chicken mesh or metal pins are also useful.

  • Pliable twigs also make a good supportive lattice for flowers to be propped against.

Jobs for April

  • Sow hardy annuals.

  • Protect new shoots of hostas, Delphiniums and lupins from slugs and snails.

  • Continue deadheading spring bulbs and bedding plants.

  • Prune hydrangeas. 

  • Sow sunflowers.​

  • Plant early potatoes.

  • Sow sweet peas.



  • The chiffchaff, is a common and widespread leaf warbler which breeds in open woodlands throughout northern and temperate Europe

  • It is a migratory passerine which winters in southern and western Europe, southern Asia and north Africa.


  • A small insectivorous bird, it is subject to predation by mammals, such as cats and mustelids, and birds, particularly hawks of the genus Accipiter. Its large range and population mean that its status is secure, although one subspecies is probably extinct.

  • The female builds a domed nest on or near the ground, and assumes most of the responsibility for brooding and feeding the chicks, whilst the male has little involvement in nesting, but defends his territory against rivals, and attacks potential predators

  • The common chiffchaff is a small, dumpy, 10–12 centimetres (3.9–4.7 inches) long leaf warbler. The male weighs 7–8 grammes (0.28–0.31 oz), and the female 6–7 grammes (0.25–0.28 oz)


2023 SS Displays.jpg

Entries from some of our members.



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