Spring Show March 2022

Reid Trophy 2022 L M-R.jpg

Reid Trophy
Lynda Maude-Roxby
for the highest points in show

Phipps Trophy
Sue Paines
for best vase of 3 blooms of Narcissi

Major Beer Trophy
Berry Wraight
for highest points in residents classes

Ridley Spring Trophy
for best bowl of spring garden flowers
Reg Barber Trophy

for best three vases of narcissi
Julia Angove

Queen Elizabeth Spade
Fiona Barkley
for the second highest points in show

Ethel Rolt Memorial Trophy Kath Mycock (Tony receiving)
For best bloom in show

Brian Morris Memorial Cup
Philip Cutler
for best bloom in classes 20-25

Mary Beer Trophy
for best floral exhibit
Molly Beauchamp Memorial Cup
for 'Joy of Spring'
Lynda Maude-Roxby

Photos from the show